I am from a state where we don't have a hub. How can I get those items?

We don't offer shipping options yet but if you kindly inform some Rider Captain in your area, we might be able to arrange it for you.


What will happen if I place an order but I change my mind later / can't go to the hub in 2-3 working days?

We understand these things can happen so don't worry, you don't have to do anything special. We will cancel your order within a week if you don't collect it.ย 

Please bear in mind we will accept this if it is a unique case. If we see you continuously place order and don't pick up, we will take this as part of compliance and suspend you for a few days.ย 


What if the size I choose on the website doesn't fit me when I try it on in the hub?

You will be able to change your size in the hub upon availability, with no extra charge.